A flat collar and standard lead is our recommendation.

A headcollar is a great idea but if used must fit properly

If a harness is used it must fit your dog correctly. Y shaped harnesses are less likely to obstruct the front leg movement. Harnesses with front panels blocking the legs may a detrimental effect on growth. We recommend a front clip to reduce pulling as rear attachments have been known to increase pulling behavior in a lot of dogs

Flexi leads will not be permitted as they can cause a danger to handlers and dogs in the class

Choke chains, prong collars and shock collars are not welcome in this club.


We recommend finding out what makes your dog tick!
It all depends on the dog, some like food, some like toys, some just want verbal praise and fuss.

Toys – If your dog has a favourite toy bring that, or have something specific you only use for training, so it’s super exciting that he gets it here!

Treats - For food-based rewards, we’re looking for a high-value treat. When we say high value, this is something your dog doesn’t get all of the time, his kibble usually won’t work here as he gets a bowl of it several times a day anyway. The sniff test is also useful, if you can’t smell your dogs treats, they’re no good. We love hot dog, chicken, sausage, cheese and if you really want to go for it – liver!

Dried, bagged dog treats such as wagg rewards, coachies or dry biscuits like gravy bones are often less exciting for your dog, but there are some options out there that do get a lot of dogs excited e.g. schmackos and bacon treats (although I don’t often recommend commercial, bagged treats for health reasons), dried sprats, dried sausage, generally if it stinks it’s high value!

Please take into account your dogs diet and health when choosing dog treats and adjust their daily food allowance 

Lead, Collar, Harness

By law, as of 2016 your dog must be microchipped to yourself

Your dog must also by law have an ID tag attached displaying the Name and Address of the Owner. We also recommend including mobile numbers in case your dog gets lost while you’re out.


​Hillheads Dog Training Club