​Hillheads Dog Training Club

We are listed and train under the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. This scheme starts with Puppy Foundation training with adaption to everyday experiences, through to Bronze, Silver and Gold level classes with examination and certificates.

Although these classes are from the Kennel Club, we welcome all dogs whether they’re of 1 breed, 2 or 57, no KC registration necessary.

We also host our own rolling ‘Platinum Class’ designed by Hillheads Trainers past and present.


From: Dawn 
 Hi Brian, I would like to say , what a fantastic difference to Rosie's behavior,and obedience as i walk her  on lead with my wheelchair. And yes ,as you said ,she will probably be hit by my wheelchair once,which  she did,but has learnt very quickly,to avoid it . Your class has and was a pleasure to attend, and will  recommend your puppy training classes to all my wheelchair friends thank you x

Hillheads Dog Club is a well established, training club that has been running for over 15 years.

Brian Sleightolme served as a police dog handler and using that experience started the club to help the people of North Tyneside and beyond train their pet dogs to be good citizens.

We focus on training the pet dog in general obedience and responding to handlers cues rather than competitive obedience as you would see at Crufts for example. We use force-free methods, preferring to focus on positive reinforcement to give the dog happy experiences and enjoyment in spending time with their handler. 

At present, we do not have any qualified behaviorists working at the club, nor are we insured to give behavioral advice. We may be able to recommend someone, or what to look for in a good behaviorist.

KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme


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From: Teri
 Hi Brian. Thanks again for a fab puppy training course. As promised this is just a reminder that Brynn has  aspergers. The primary problems he has with regards to dog training are excitability, difficulty  understanding and following multi step instructions ( he doesn't even hear what comes after the initial bit  so doesn't know what he's supposed to be doing), and anxiety over new, unsupported things. He also hates  getting things wrong or letting you down. As long as your instructors can cope, he'd LOVE to do more  training with Tala. Thanks again. Teri.